Daniel & Tynia Dickson

Pahrump, NV

Background: Pastor, firearms and martial arts instructor, service dog trainer

“We joined to gain freedom and to spend more time with our grandchildren.”



Sandra Phillips

Silverdale, WA

Background: Retail/Navy Spouse

“I saw a need with the services and wanted to empower others with equal access plus I was going to talk about it with my friends and family, so the opportunity made sense! Plus I want to travel the world and buy lots of shoes!”



Brenda Wall

Kingston, WA

Background: Daycare Provider

"What I really want is to be able to help my kids. I have three amazing and talented kids and I know how tough it is to get a start in the world (buying houses and starting families can be expensive). When I was their age, my parents helped me get started, and I want to have the financial means to help them buy their first home and invest in their business ventures."